Beaches and Olympics are a great spiritual combination

Manhattan pizza July 25…

Manhattan pizza

Sanibel Island Florida pizza July 27…

Sanibel Island Pizza

Beaches and Olympics are a great spiritual combination. Ever do the same thing differently than you’ve ever done? What happened?

Arrived on Sanibel Island last night in time to catch the London Olympics opening ceremonies. Life is good. Life’s a beach. God is good.

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Note: latest summer arrival to a favorite Family tradition… a week on Sanibel Island.

Happy birthday to the Church

Family Holidays at Disney
Memorial Day weekend spent with Family from Allentown and Jacksonville
cast benefits
I didn't have to get them into Epcot, I got to

Yesterday, May 27, 2012, was the Church’s birthday. By glorious chance I was the second of two Lectors. Also by chance, the first Lector didn’t show which meant I had to do both readings.

There was a time when a no-show led to frustration. Not any more. It’s almost a selfish feeling… to be able to get to proclaim both readings.

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Insight: Having to and getting to are two amazingly different thought patterns.