Disney’s demographics vs psychographics

damaged UPS box
The good news is nothing was damaged or lost. Two boxes from Dallas arrived yesterday. This one had my business clothes. The other box, three times heavier, had the classroom learning materials.


damaged UPS box
How? Why? What if?


*Disney’s* demographics vs psychographics apply to anyone and anything.

This is a mind-blowing and game-changing concept because i’ve never seen anyone but Disney (in my 30 years there) focus on psychographics.

Focusing on psychographics is uncomfortable for people and organizations because they’ve never been exposed to it.

When we’re uncomfortable, we generally shy away – ignore.



Demographics = customer needs

Psychographics = customer’s unidentified wants, unidentified positive and negative stereotypes, unidentified positive and negative emotions.

Knowing your customer’s psychographics give you countless ways to exceed their expectations.


First sentence in this post…replace *Disney’s* with *world-class organization’s*.


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