How many teens insist on attending Sunday morning Church?

Disney Keynote Speakers
Walt Disney is on the right.
Note to self just before Mass began.

How many teens insist on attending Sunday morning Church?

At 8:45AM Mass yesterday, our Son and i sat five rows from the front and center.

We generally sit last row, far left.

Cheryl was home, sick.

Like a Disney Guest asking what time is the 3-o’Clock parade, i leaned over and asked, “Are these seats ok?”

He said something like, “I’d rather not even be here.”

(i felt the same way when i was a teenager, and this lasted for a couple decades)

Almost instantaneously, i got my phone out and typed…

Many of the things that help us are the last things we want to do. Why? Because the benefits are not immediate nor obvious.

Nurturing a youthful spiritual foundation for Faith, Hope, and Love is one of those.

Ps. Had a pen, but nothing to write on.

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