What is a decent profit margin?

Disney Speaker Jeff Noel at his hometown sign
You know how many identical Pixar shirts this guy owns? More than two.

What is a decent profit margin?

Probably more than anyone thinks is fair.

Fair is in the eye of the beholder.

A moral balance between Jeff’s lifetime learning, doing and teaching against the Client’s lifetime (in perpetuity) value to learn, do and teach.

For clients, it’s less expensive than hiring Disney Institute (DI).

DI is the closest thing Jeff’s has to a competitor. DI is the closest thing every client has to a comparator.

Disney Institute isn’t Jeff’s competitor though.


During Jeff’s final 15 years (of 30) at Walt Disney World as a full-time Disney Institute Facilitator and Advisor, Jeff mastered the delivery of the official, corporately-packaged content and then worked tirelessly to craft Disney’s official messaging into a simpler, and more powerful experience based on his 30-years learning, doing, and teaching The Disney Way.

Discerning leaders intuitively get this.

It’s all about content and style.

If you believe that simplicity is critical then you will be thrilled with Jeff’s profoundly insightful content and remarkably authentic delivery style.

Clients feel like they get the bargain of a lifetime to have Jeff’s uniquely simple and powerful content, and his remarkably engaging delivery methods.

Paying less than you’d pay to DI yet knowing you get Jeff, the owner, is an astounding value. On paper, the margin will look high. In reality, it’s the luckiest break of your lifetime.

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