Ethical decision making workshop for High School Seniors

Old Disney Institute Campus classroom building
Old Disney Institute Campus classroom building is where i first met this colleague. Just happened to ride my bicycle past it yesterday.


Ethical decision-making workshop for High School Seniors is from 8am-3pm today.

God please provide wisdom and guidance as i help a table of nine High School seniors learn what it’s like when they are confronted with making a tough and ethical decision.

An ethical dilemma is a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between critical personal values, in which to obey one would tarnish another.

My summary:
i will spare the details, but it was an intense interaction with a peer, and i had to make a choice between two compelling, yet competing priorities.

The table was split on what to do.

Both sides had good reasons, but we couldn’t come to a consensus.

Such is much of life.




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