Dear Boomers, an urgent request for temporary Orlando housing for Carrie

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Merry Christmas everyone

Happy Wednesday everyone. A longtime friend, living in Indiana now, has asked if I know of anyone in Orlando who might be able to provide a first floor studio apartment for a very dear friend of theirs, who’s just been released from ORMC…

Carrie is being released from hospital and will require a ground-floor studio garage apartment or mother-in-law quarters until January 17th, 2013 (or sooner if she can fly to Indiana before said date).
Our upstairs apartment is not suitable for her. I know this is a stretch, but wonder if your family in the Orlando area ever billets missionaries? It would be Carrie only.

My home number is 407 207 3125 or email [email protected].

Rob is her husband and would surely feel blessed if you are able to help OR, if you know of someone who could.


By jeff noel

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