9 Customer Service insights no one talks about

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7 Customer Service insights no one talks about:

  1. training budgets get cut not because money is tight, but because deep down, no one believes the results are worth the money spent
  2. money would be heavily invested if a link could be proven between what’s spent on training and what’s gained in the customer’s intent to “definitely recommend” and “definitely repurchase”
  3. poor trainers make training even harder
  4. poor trainers are a byproduct of poor leadership
  5. poor leadership is byproduct of lack of a clear, concise, and compelling vision
  6. a clear vision is not enough to motivate discretionary effort, at all
  7. the lack of consistently delivered discretionary effort is the root cause of poor customer service
  8. the percentage of employees not giving discretionary effort is directly proportional to the poor leadership ratings from employees
  9.  culture is what employees think and do without thinking


Be the standard by which all others measure. Make your culture worth defending.



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