Dear Son, don’t let this temptation stop you

Parking lot
Qdoba’s parking lot is microscopic compared to the local Theme Park parking lots.


Dear Son, don’t let this temptation stop you.

Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can.

Man outside of Qdoba last night: Hey buddy, I’m kinda homeless, can you spare anything?

Dad exiting with his dinner to go: Sorry, i don’t carry cash.

Man: Ok, thanks anyway.

Dad, walking to parking lot turns around and goes back to the man: Have you eaten dinner today?

Man: No.

Dad, explaining it’s a simple children’s chicken quesadilla meal, with chips and guac.

Man: I don’t want to take your dinner.

Dad: i can buy another one.

Man: Gratefully accepts the to-go bag, grabs his small backpack, and walks away.

Dad, returning to his car notices the cashier who rang up his meal – she was watching the whole thing go down.

She seemed surprised. And maybe a little heart warmed.

So what benefited two, actually had a ripple effect for a third.


That’s how powerful actions are.

Intended or otherwise.

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