Dear son, please give the extra money to Ms. Y

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First Sunday of Lent 2015… what is God’s dream for you?


Last Wednesday was our son’s classmate’s 14th birthday. And, coincidently, Wednesday is also the optional midweek classroom dinner at a local restaurant. A tradition started by Ms Y, an attorney turned (brilliant) Montessori middle school teacher. She has two daughters at the school, one is also a middle school classmate.

Gave our son twice the dinner allowance and suggested he give the surplus to Ms Y, to pay for his classmates (birthday) dinner, but with a caveat. Ask Ms Y to keep it a secret and don’t tell anyone.

Trying to teach what books struggle to keep up with – the notion that in giving, we receive. And to learn to give without expecting credit or reward.

To learn that the giving, in and of itself is the reward.

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