Dear Son

Living In A Moment...
Living In A Moment...

Randy Pausch, who wrote The Last Lecture, and shortly thereafter, died, wrote a book about living while he was dying.

I’m writing a book about living while I’m living.

We are all dying, son, it’s simply a fact of life.

Leave a trail for your Family. That’s what I’m doing for you, son.

Yesterday, as my crazy mind was racing, I recalled Randy’s life, his book, and both touched my soul and inspired me, as well as countless millions. And the sad fact that his “anniversary” is soon – July 25. Two years ago Randy left his earthly life.

Somehow, I recalled the cassette tapes I used to make for your Mother. I’d pour over our CD collection, for hours, and create loving tributes for your Mom.

Must have been five or six tapes total. Most likely over 100 of the best Love songs ever written. Most of them Country songs, and most of them obscure songs, meaning they weren’t hits or mainstream.

Here’s one of them, called “Living In A Moment (You Would Die For)”:

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