Let the punishment fit the crime and self-forgive

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i’m not the wisest person in the world, but i’m the wisest i’ve ever been in 59 years – wise enough to have a podcast (coming soon, maybe tomorrow).


Driving home from school, we stopped at our mailbox so i could get the mail.

Attempting to put the car in park before it had come to a full and complete stop, the car jerked slightly.

The driver’s emotional reaction to his “mistake” was bigger than it needed to be.

Thinking he would self-manage this and quickly self-resolve/forgive, i noticed he wasn’t.

i reminded him that three weeks after i received my Pennsylvania driver’s license, i totaled our family car ( a giant station wagon).

It was Halloween night and there were trick-or-treaters everywhere.

The greatest blessing that came from totally destroying my parents’ car?

No one was injured.

No one was killed.

Both could have easily happened.


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