Secret hack to improve your spirit

Love the juxtaposition between Disney and Glacier National Park (famous red Jammer Bus), at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.

The secret hack to improving your spirit?

The way to get better is to get better at getting better.

Probably in the first or second week after our son was born, two decades ago, after i awoke and walked down the hall to his room, i would kiss his head and get on my knees and say three significant prayers.

Then i would return to our bedroom and kiss my wife on her head as she slept.

As recent empty nesters, this daily habit is continued without the walk down the hall.

Once a day, everyday, for 20 years.

Seemingly insignificant.

Prior to 20 years ago, i did not start the day on my knees.

Now it’s unfathomable to start any other way.

The reality is this ritual doesn’t take long. For that very reason, how could i ever skip a day?

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