Our best teaching is by example

1,000 pairs of paper with post-it notes were assembled in this fashion, making it easy to place in the conference facility at every chair. Here are 2 of 7 piles…never gonna fit unless it’s drastically changed.
There were seven giant piles of carefully stacked pairs (like the upper left pile) of card stock with 2 post-it notes on each.
Had to undo all the tedious and careful assembly that took hours. The only way the suitcase could fit 7 piles was to collapse the stacks (see 3 stacks now).

Our best teaching is by example.

The Madrid Disney Creativity Keynote speech will be more impactful because the speaker will only be preaching what he practices.

Many will get the reality that the speech is actually applying, in real time, the fundamental content insights the speaker is sharing.

Simplicity is preached as necessary, inspiring, and practical.

The speech is necessary, inspiring, and practical.

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