Unfathomable odds

Unfathomable odds happen.

Sounds cliche, but when you least expect it, (and never when you desire it) you experience something that has unfathomable odds of happening.

For example, getting into Granite Park Chalet is literally impossible because of supply versus demand, and timing (the entire season sells out in about five minutes the first Monday in January).

Yesterday i wore a Glacier t-shirt and at the end of the day while speaking with the college president and the Board of Directors Chair, a fellow father came into the mix.

Turns out, he (Bill) and his family were at Granite Park Chalet the same time i was there with our son. Not only that, but our rooms were only one room apart.

And his youngest of three daughters is one floor directly above our son’s room.

We talked for nearly an hour.

Bill’s wife said she was feeling melancholy before our conversation and now she’s inspired. It is a mutual feeling.

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