Define living in a bubble

Disney's Contemporary Resort
Is Disney “a bubble”? What criteria, and who’s criteria is the correct measure?


A healthcare provider employee and i have known each other for a decade. She works the reception desk that i visit three or four times a year. We always take a few minutes to chat.

With the advent of a new school year, she remarked about how the school our son attends is “a bubble”.

Compared to a public school funded by tax payer dollars, a private college preparatory school may seem elitist.

An American public school in Orange County Florida may seem like “a bubble” compared to most schools in Afghanistan.

Having paved roads, clean drinking water, electricity, cable TV, abundant wifi, democracy, religious freedom, grocery stores, a plethora of medical facilities to choose from and decent healthcare insurance, etc, etc – all of these luxuries may make Americans look elitist.

It really made me feel better (less guilty) about our lot in life.




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