There is something contagiously different about working with them

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If you doubted you would see the morning light, who would you want to talk to for peace and comfort?


There is something contagiously different about working with them.



In 3o years at Disney, i never attended a meeting that embraced using my Christian Faith as a work asset. As one of the most admired (#6 in 2014, #5 in 2015) companies in the world, Disney remained neutral so as to embrace everyone. i totally support that.

However, something wonderfully unexpected has happened. Simply by chance, nearly every company i’ve worked with this year has been an openly Christian-Centered organization.

It is way different. To talk openly about Jesus, God, prayer – wow.

Yesterday, on LinkedIn of all places, had a wonderful message exchange with another Christian centered company. It wasn’t until it was over that it hit me.

A joy and freedom i have never known professionally.




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