It’s the little things, right?

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Let your conscience be your guide. Photo: screen capture from Insight Timer’s Page.


It’s the little things, right?

Last night there were four of us remaining. The other 40 had left.

i had both hands full as i was leaving and asked for the final time, “Is there anything i can help with?”

No, we’re fine, we’ve got everything.

After the long walk to the car, i packed into the trunk what i had carried. Instead of unlocking the car to drive home, i went back upstairs and said, “i don’t know what i was thinking when i offered to help with both hands full. But now i have two empty hands, what do you need help with?”

i told them i’m always reminding our son, “If you help me do this it will get done quickly.”

It felt good to help them carry boxes to their cars.

Had i not done such a simple gesture, i would have thought about the missed opportunity for far too long.




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