Burn the ships continued

Carrie Underwood song


(photo: Must be something in the water? It ain’t the ships.)

Does “burn the ships” inspire your fire in your belly?

Mike has helped us on many home improvements. He has two grown daughters from his first marriage. He also had a very challenging bone marrow transplant a few years ago. A few years before that, his current wife worked with Cheryl.

Told him the retirement news yesterday, Sunday (October 19). We both understand the need to work many weekends to achieve our goals.

He listened to the future plans and then asked if there was an opportunity to work for someone like Apple or Google, would the fire in the belly still be there?

Told him there will never be any more working for someone else.

And asked him if he knew the story of Cortes.

He did, as a retired Marine serving our Country, he was quite familiar.

We both smiled.

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