Is New Year’s Eve one giant blind spot?

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Subject: Is this a blind spot?

Donna, before i delete this, just wanted to ask again. What is it that Sherry (and you) see/hear that makes this so?
Am really oblivious, but if it’s an asset, maybe it could give me confidence in my (now) more prominent roll in “selling”.




After you left, Sherry from our table said to me that she has never met someone so personable and friendly as you. Someone you feel you can talk to talk forever. I agree, I wish it could be bottled and sprayed on like a perfume.




Wow, I am kind of surprised that you don’t see it (aware of it). EVERYONE likes you. You are so personable, easy to talk to, sincerely listen when we speak, have so much great knowledge/information, so confident AND believable.

You have the ability/confidence to talk to ANYONE. Most people do NOT have that.

Some people just have it and some people don’t but you DO! You just exude happiness, confidence, humor, and speaking ability.

I sometimes wonder how you got all this bottle into one person. Wondered if you were always like this or maybe it was fostered somewhere as you grew up.

I can only think of a handful of people that I see this way in my life. Some people are nice but you are skeptical of their motives, or you just don’t believe them.

Now I am sure you have your moments too, but that is not what we see. We see the most approachable likeable person in the room.

I can guess that is why you were the most requested speaker. It is not about your knowledge many speakers have knowledge, it is about how you make us “FEEL”.

I wonder where you got all this confidence?

I hope I explained this. If not let me know and I will try again. If there is even a glimmer of doubt you need not have any.

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