Ever have a 2am what if moment?

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Ever have a 2am what if moment? This morning at 2:18am, Cheryl was not in bed next to me.

A frightening, but unusually calm terror immediately filled my body.

A quick review of Cheryl’s facts – I was groggy:

  • Left work with two colleagues
  • Went straight Orlando Magic basketball game downtown
  • After game, take Robin back to work to get her car
  • Then drop off Molina at Disney’s Grand Floridian
  • Home by 11pm, latest, right?

But it’s 2:18am.

What if she was in an accident? The phone would have rang.

What if she was abducted? The phone wouldn’t ring.


I called. No answer.

What if the kidnapper was brutal?

More intense panic.

Why didn’t she call?

Moving to the hall, I called louder downstairs…

Her precious voice. Also sleepy.

Was quietly reminded that the key to peace and contentment, even in the midst of a brutal world, is living each day like it fully counts.

Side note: Yesterday two bombs exploded at the 117th Boston Marathon finish line.

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