A reminder that patience isn’t just for the easy stuff

thank you note
This was such a big deal and my patience was put to the test.


thank you note
Turns out, it was just a button labeled “refresh” that needed to be pushed.


In 18 years as a full-time professional speaker and business advisor, i have never (not a single time) placed my presentation on a thumb-drive and given it to a client to run Disney/my content off of their laptop.




Because for the first 15 years, it was a Disney Institute standard to protect Disney’s proprietary content and intellectual property.

And – and this is a big and – the reason my presentations didn’t work well on a client’s screen was never (another big word) a fault of my laptop.

i hate being seen as an inflexible and paranoid human being.

But that’s the very role i have to play when push comes to shove.

i was backed into a corner two days ago.

We tried:

  • Rebooting laptop.
  • Using my backup laptop.
  • Replacing their HDMI cable.

Nothing worked.

By the way, for the 45 minutes before AV arrived, everything worked fine. But then the three screens began flickering every few seconds. And to make it more interesting, their laptop’s presentation worked perfectly.

With literally no option but to use their laptop, i reluctantly agreed to waiver (and i hated it) from a non-negotiable standard.

As i loaded the presentation on the thumb drive, the flickering stopped.

Cortney (the junior AV tech) pressed a “refresh button” of some sort and everything worked perfectly.

The photos of Disney Characters and note cards at the top was my way of thanking (and apologizing for high standards) them for staying the course and figuring it out.

• • • • •

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