Each time he was in view for the next 50 minutes

Prosthetic leg at Golds Gym


(photo: View from incline sit up bench while doing a 10-minute core routine.)

Our core is an amazing source of hard work and joy.

Yesterday on the way home from WordPress Orlando Meetup, prioritized the day to include a workout at Golds Gym.

Gone all week on a business trip. Began the morning in a rush to get caught up before driving downtown for the monthly WordPress Meetup. Easily a four-hour commitment, including travel.

Then took an additional hour coming home to honor the temple housing everything keeping humans alive, our body.

While spending ten minutes on the inclined abdominal bench, the young man in the photo did a few sets of dips.

It was in the very first moments… the sign of the cross, a heartfelt prayer, and then additional thoughts and prayers each time he was in view for the next 50 minutes. And finally, this photo (iPhone is used as a stopwatch during every workout, so a camera is always handy).

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