Joke 3

Grizzly Bear
Once in a lifetime encounter.

Joke 3…

When Stalin was on his deathbed, he called Khrushchev by his bedside for a private meeting, and said: “Here, I have chosen you to be my successor. Take these three envelopes, they will guide you. Open the first when I have died, the second when things get a little shaky, and the third when all hope is lost.” And Stalin hands Khrushchev three envelopes. A week later, Stalin dies, and Khrushchev opens the first envelope. It reads: “Seize power.” So he does. A few years later, there is civic unrest, so he opens the second envelops. It reads: “Blame it all on me.” So he does, and things are well for a few years. But after that, the situation with the public becomes hopeless, so Khrushchev opens the third envelope. It reads: “Prepare three envelopes.”

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