Two Mormon Sisters

Late With Their Message?
Late With Their Message?

The doorbell woke me up from an hour-plus nap. Was exhausted from traveling and feeling sick all week. Had collapsed shortly after arriving home, on the family room couch as our son played.

Thinking it might be a neighbor needing help, I staggered to the door, quite literally.

Mormon Sisters, one from Tongo and one from United States, visited our house early Friday evening, wanting to share the good news about Jesus Christ. Both Sisters – that’s what they’re called during their 18-month mission -seemed to be in their early twenties.

I actually did most of the talking, for about 15 minutes. In hind sight, wish it had been the other way around. If only I had thought of the questions during the front porch meeting, instead of after.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better late than never.

By jeff noel

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