We Were Just Talking

If God Is For Us?
If God Is For Us?

We all have them, don’t we? Moments that stop us in our tracks. Some, because of remarkable natural beauty. Some because of graphic video images. And some while in the parking lot.

After finishing a track workout at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex last Tuesday, and saying good bye to the new group of local runners I had just met, it was time to head to the car.

Something inside me said, “You should go over and thank her personally, one more time”.

Less than a minute into our casual conversation at the back of her SUV, I asked about some of the decals on the tinted rear window. And then my eyes found the third one, A persons name, and, 1983-1999.

Her 15-year old daughter was the first, in a group of friends, to cross a busy intersection and was struck by a car.

Life seems so unfair sometimes. I was devastated for this woman and her husband, even though it had happened 11 years ago. Do they ever forget? Do they ever forgive? How do they go on with life?

I just don’t know if I could, even though I know I should.

It was Tuesday night. We were just talking.

By jeff noel

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