Don’t know what that means?

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Neglect happens for many reasons, few of which are intentional.


Just days away from a new year, many of us are thinking about change(s) we’d like to make. For some reason the beginning of a new year feels like an opportunity to personally begin anew.

We should hold ourselves accountable for our past track record. Celebrate and give ourselves credit if we deserve it. And forgive ourselves and recommit in a different way moving forward if necessary.

rethink • reprioritize • recommit

Every failure or success is directly linked to logical priorities.

Not all of us have our priorities listed logically. Often, emotions over-ride logic. Illogical priorities are not intentional.

Don’t know what that means? Then our first priority is to come to understand it. Yeah, it may be difficult, but until we can articulate common sense priorities, success will elude us.




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