Eucharistic Mini Manifesto

We Must Illuminate Truth In The Simplest Terms
We Must Illuminate Truth In The Simplest Terms

Happy Wednesday, this is a long, mini-manifesto in response to: What happens to us when we partake in the Eucharist, after we leave Church?

To me, we are becoming the flesh and blood of Jesus. And not just for that special moment, but for as long as it will sustain us.

And we can use not only the Eucharist to sustain us, but also our hopeful, faithful and loving prayers, after Church.

Father (God), Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit (every human, each one of us). So technically, when we look at another, we are looking at God.

This is deep. It is also profound.

And we know full well God doesn’t selectively decide who’s worthy of this, we all get it because we’re all his children.

However, ultimately, what each of us does with it, is what illuminates (or not) for others to see.

When I’m at the deepest, most attentive understanding of what Jesus’ crucifixion is, I picture our son being offered as a sacrifice.

This intense state of meditative prayer literally puts me at the actual crucifixion 2010 years ago, and what it must have felt like for Mary, Joseph, the Disciples, and followers.

Knowing that Glory would reign down on all mankind, but that it would cost what is most dear.

Quite possibly incomprehensible.

Mostly, we go through the motions of Communion.

Same with many things in life. Not at first. With anything new, we have excitement.

It’s the long haul that we must prove our belief.

It’s the passion of the Christ that we ought to aim for, manifested in any humble and loving way possible. Until our final breath.

Are you fully ready for Christmas? There’s still time. Use it well.

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