Sea World Tragedy

Every Day Is An Opportunity To Learn
Every Day Is An Opportunity To Learn

Sea World. Orlando, Florida.


Please pray for anyone and everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.

Eerily, one week ago, before I was to deliver a keynote speech, the presenter before me was a Sea World Killer Whale Trainer for 35 years.

He co-wrote the book, Whale Done, with Ken Blanchard.

The Killer Whale trainers are extraordinary human beings, dedicating their lives to training one of nature’s most notorious creatures.

His speech focused on how animal training and leadership of humans, is not that different. Through relationships, trust must be developed in order for great things to happen. Trust and relationships are the core of great leadership.

And, even with our best efforts, unwelcome things can and will happen.

Toyota just announced on a TV commercial a minute ago, “A new company fixes it’s mistakes, a great company learns from them.”

Pray that bad things won’t happen, but be prepared for when they do.

God never said our journey would be easy, just that we would never have to go alone.


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