What Is Lent, Really?

Something About A Grave?
Something About A Grave?

With few exceptions, people are insanely busy and utterly overwhelmed with life. And even Lent isn’t enough to slow us down. Why?

People like you and I, will do two things with this reality:

  1. Ignore it
  2. Deny it

Don’t believe this?

Then take this little test. Carve out 20-40 minutes to exercise. Carve out 20-40 minutes to read something that improves you. Carve out 20-40 minutes to spend with your loved ones. Carve out 20-40 minutes for self reflection and prayer.


Ok, now do you get it?

Then simply try this – carve out two minutes to pray, on your knees. Everyday.

Lent will be over before you know it.

What is Lent, really?


By jeff noel

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