Eugene, Oregon

Had lunch at the Starbuck’s on 13th Avenue at the opposite corner of “O”- The Duck Store.

Eugene, Oregon, besides being home to the University of Oregon, is also known as Track Town USA.

After lunch and a quick visit to the bookstore for a “Stop Pre” t-shirt, it was off to Hayward Field.

As soon as I stepped onto the track, a siren blared from the firehouse across the street. When my son and I hear a siren, without fail, we say a prayer for the driver, the helpers, and the family or families that are involved.

It was then the realization became conscious, I hadn’t started the day, in my hotel room, on my knees. Right there on the spot, I got down on my knees (in Lane 8 actually) and said the “morning” prayers.

Funny how a 20-hour travel day can throw you a curve. Funny how just abut anything can throw you a curve. Batter up.