Evolution and Religion, my understanding

Jeremy Camp CD
Listening to Orlando radio station yesterday at gym and the post below came to mind.


Evolution and Religion, my understanding…

Something bigger than humans will ever be able to comprehend created the world we live in today.

The notion that God did a bunch of amazing things in six days and then rested the seventh is ludicrous.

It took billions of years to get to where we are today. Evolution obviously allowed for the human species to evolve into the superior mammal change agent.

Proceed with caution…

Nature is brutal.

It’s challenging for me to watch some nature shows, which can be worse than a horror movie – because its not a movie, it’s real.

I recently watched a horrific Lion attack on another Lion. Four males attacked and began eating another male alive. It was gruesome.

Humans have found a way to civilize the food chain in their favor.

Enter greed and the evolutionary process may implode on itself.

We need “religion” to counter greed and all the brutality that comes with it.

Jeremy Camp’s video…worth watching. Or the same song live version.




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