Why Jesus is my best friend

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Why Jesus is my best friend…

If you can imagine a hopeless situation, you’ll see this clearly…

Remember three weeks after i got my driver’s license in 1975? i lost control of our humongous family station wagon on a two-lane country road on a trick-or-treat night.

Looking up and seeing oncoming headlights directly in front of me because i had drifted into the wrong lane (because i was distracted by my two high school classmates riding with me) caused me to panic, overreact with the power-steering, run off the road, hit a culvert – simultaneously hitting the gas instead of the brake – and came to a smashing halt after plowing into a farmhouse porch and front wall. A family sat on the other side eating dinner. Can you imagine their disbelief with the impact’s noise and damage?

Can you imagine if i had hit and killed not one, but multiple trick-or-treaters?

And what if i hadn’t had time to swerve out of the way and caused a head-on collision? Would there have been fatalities, including my own?

What if i didn’t die, but others did. How would i ever reconcile my life?

How would i ever shed the guilt and personal torture?

Only Jesus.

And that is why Jesus should be your best friend.

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Final answer

smoking in car
Constant prayer, even at a stoplight, even for a stranger, addicted.


Constant prayer, even at a stoplight, even for a stranger, addicted.

Final answer.

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Note: Photo taken yesterday. Real life in real time.

Sometimes the hopelessness is overwhelming

World wide audiences
World wide audiences


Speaking to all walks of life personally and professionally, say a million people, you’re experienced in assessing the vibe of an audience. Sometimes the hopelessness is overwhelming.

A typical audience is a 20/60/20 curve.

  • 20% hang on every word
  • 60% have a wait and see attitude
  • 20% are against you before you even start

Yesterday I prayed for a deeper wisdom when the bottom number seemed higher.

I liked the approach. Today is most likely more of the same.

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