Are You Praying Too Slow?

There Is No Limit For Prayer
There Is No Limit For Prayer

There is no fancy website test here. But the question, “How well do you pray?”, is a good one to think about.

For probably 20 years, I’ve thought to myself that the meaning of life is peace and contentment.

Peace with who you are, and content with what you have.

In 51 years, I have found nothing even comes close to offering this, except daily, moment to moment prayer. And in the last ten years, through trial and error, there is great peace and contentment.

The phrase “carpe diem“, or seize the day, means nothing, if you don’t actually do it.

And doing it requires a peace and contentment that is uncommon.

Being present. Being thankful. Being forgiving. Exercise. Nutrition. Rest. Play. Purposeful work.

I don’t think these are out of reach for anyone. Do you?