Be passionate, tell stories, use personal examples

church donation envelope
Yesterday morning, like i always do, made a small change before handing it to our Son to put in the collection basket.


Be passionate, tell stories, use personal examples.

Our lead Pastor, Father John, has been with us for about two years. We are still getting to know him. Father Ennis retired after 50 years in the Priesthood. Father John has big shoes to fill.

Told Father John yesterday as we left Church, “Really enjoyed your story about Buddy (his dog).”

He used his personal story to add a real-life illustration for the powerful bond people and pets enjoy and thrive on.

The sermon was about the difference between a loving shepherd and a non-committed shepherd.

He also mentioned being an athlete at one time. We’ve never heard any sports analogies.

It hit me – seeing that side of him might help us see him as more real.

Who doesn’t like more real?

No promises…maybe some more real stories from my past.


• • • • •

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