Their Last Conversation

One Important, And Final Conversation Before Departing
One Important, And Final Conversation Before Departing

Writer and friend Patty Hebert returns with a truth – a truth we have the opportunity to embrace, or not.

While the truth can set us free and the truth can sometimes hurt, there are some rare moments when the truth doesn’t matter.


Because the old truth has been superseded by the current truth.

Take it away Patty:

Life is a pathway of lessons. Where our accomplishments offer us gentle pats on the back, our failings, our brokenness, build our inner being, and make us truly who we are.

Eighteen years ago, my mentor, dying with cancer started our last conversation like this. “I have something to tell you. I was married before this time… twice…” I stopped her. Told her it didn’t matter. She was who she was because of her life’s struggles and experiences. That as hard as her life might have been, all I saw, all I had ever experienced with her, was pure goodness and light. And that I loved her just the way she was. Those words weren’t a trivial gift offered to a dying woman. They were the truth.

I think of Marty often. No one wants to fail, or to feel failure in their lives. But from struggle comes growth, and the opportunity to help others, as Marty had helped me.

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