Thankful for a solarium

Wheelchair parking


The solarium is one room over from the 90-year old’s double-occupancy Nursing Home room. The solarium permanently doubles as overflow parking for resident’s wheelchairs that if left in their rooms, would crowd their already tight living quarters.

i’m thankful for overflow parking, even though it isn’t aesthetically enhancing the solarium.

There’s a long list for why i’m thankful versus the easy list for “why doesn’t the Nursing Home find a more visually pleasing solution?”




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Dear readers, Happy Thanksgiving

iPhone screen shot of stopwatch


(photo: 10 minute warmup walk, 53 minute run… this is why a 30-minute walk versus run made sense)

Dear readers, Happy Thanksgiving.

The hopeful feeling of gratitude that our American forefathers felt when they gathered on the original Thanksgiving Day…

May we carry that over into every remaining day we get to spend on Earth.

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Arriving late to volunteer was a huge aha moment and blessing

Ocoee High School and Publix Truck
Food For Families annual Thanksgiving morning tradition


Noel family volunteering Thanksgiving Day
We began this three holiday morning tradition the year before our son was born.


Food For Families annual Thanksgiving morning tradition
Arriving just after 9am, the Families needing help ran out before the food did


Arriving late to volunteer last week was a huge aha moment and blessing. We normally arrive around 8:00am and deliver big boxes of food to needy Families in West Orange County Florida on Thanksgiving morning.

In 14 years, we have never arrived as late as 9:00am, and what we discovered was awesome. The Families ran out before the food did. Hallelujah.

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Dear Son, Did You Hear Last Night’s Prayer?

Orlando daytime high was "frigid". Look at the spectators.

Dear Son, I was wondering about my own temptation to go through the motions, like last night as we said our dinner time prayer. I wanted to add an additional, timely petition that all homeless people would have a warm place to sleep. But I didn’t. Last night (Jan 4) was, after all, Orlando’s coldest night in a year.

Anyone else ever feel like this? If yes, how do you overcome it? If no, how do you avoid it?

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