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Any leader and any organization, in any industry, can architect world-class customer service using systems and processes they control. World-Class Customer Service is not reserved for special organizations that have secrets others don’t and never will have. Exceptional service is built with four fundamental blueprints. Jeff’s Disney Keynote will be interactive, fun, thought-provoking, and comes with a personal challenge for every participant.

You’ll learn what (and why) every organization should use as The Bullseye for the foundation of every Customer touchpoint. You will also hear a harsh reality and an astonishing paradox when it comes to focusing on Customer Satisfaction (which is actually dangerous to your business reputation). These revelations are a special gift.

Most organizations focus on Customer “needs”. Jeff reveals an exceptional tool – similar to a compass – that empowers you to look at the people you serve (employees, customers, vendors, community) in a 360 Analysis, a holistic view, giving you 300% more wow-factor juice to exceed your Customer’s expectations.

Near Jeff’s house is Walt Disney World, home to 78,000 Cast Members, 2,000 different job classifications, and ONE Unifying Goal. Discover the power in this singular, inspiring goal that moves employees from compliant to committed, all day, every day.

And finally, assuming we all agree that consistency is the hallmark of quality service, be prepared to hear about a Decision Tree – prioritized corporate standards allowing everyone from the new employee on their second day to the employee celebrating 33 years to deliver exceptional service with world-class consistency.

Expect to be wowed. Expect to have fun. Expect to be enlightened. Expect to be put to task. You deserve it. C-ya real soon.


Jeff Noel is a 30-year Walt Disney World Leadership veteran, two-time Disney Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, a published author, and highly-sought business advisor, helping Fortune 500 companies worldwide achieve greater success through a series of programs focusing on Jeff’s unique approach and architecture for World-Class Organizational Vibrancy. He has spent his life deconstructing and then reconstructed Disney’s DNA into clear, concise, and compelling business insights. Jeff not only helps you see remarkable opportunity, but he also engages you in wonderfully participatory ways so you actually “feel” his context-neutral insights – it’s the “feeling” of these insights (and the simple architecture) that will motivate, excite, and inspire you to create a future that’s better than now. Much better.

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