Board of Directors advice

JB Adams
Tried to catch the time but was too late. We spoke for 110 minutes.


From a spiritual perspective, Jesus is the Chairman of my Board of Directors.

My earthly Board Chairman is JB.

What i envisioned as a quick 3-minute conversation while biking to the gym yesterday, turned into an almost 2-hour conversation.

i asked, “Is it egregious for me to accept bargain basement prices for a multi-day contract when i can make significantly more for a 60-minute Keynote?”

Their current year fee-proposal is significantly less than last year’s deeply discounted contract.

My offer for their out-of-state contract includes volume discount, up-front pricing, and consideration for our previous work – which was steeply discounted last year to earn their business (an experiment on my end, if you will).

If out-of-state Keynote Speeches earn $25k and Orlando Keynotes earn $15k – which includes a $7,500k discount for zero-travel, plus a $2.5k discount for 100% upfront payment). – is it a poor distracting business decision?

JB asked what my priorities are.

“To launch our 11th-grade Son into the real world in 2019. To help organizations who want to change the world. And to make alot of money to give to a cause i support.”

The math:

  • Three days away from home for a total fee under $10k
  • or…
  • A couple hours, leaving and returning to my driveway on the same day, for $15k.

To me, it feels egregious.

PS. Disney Institute just proposed a $46k one-day Orlando seminar (but not on Disney property) to a potential client who contacted me to see if i can do the same thing at a lower cost. Of course. My daily fee (transparently posted on my website) is $39k. However, if it’s in Orlando, and 100% paid upfront, my $39k fee is reduced enough to become a steal compared to Disney Institute.

Literally a steal.

So now that “steal”, compared to what the multi-day client is proposing can be defined only as a glaringly poor business decision.


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