Worthy is the Lamb who was slain

Jungle Cruise African Veldt
Jungle Cruise African Veldt.


Worthy is the Lamb who was slain.

These five daily posts are always real life in real time.

Left the house this morning before writing a single blog post. Why? A 7:15am Quest Diagnostics appointment for annual blood work. Slept in until 6:15am to get eight hours sleep. Little time to do much except have a cup of hot water and get ready to leave for the appointment.

Writing now, while most people still haven’t started work yet.

When a confident, self-assured person takes it to a new level, things get worse for unhappy people. But for grateful happy people, it gets better for them. Yesterday’s standing ovation from the first post Disney speech was an incredible, unexpected gift on multiple levels.

Saying that to tell you this. While having an genuine conversation during the blood draw, the phlebotomist shared that her 32-year old daughter and 33-year old son-in-law left their three children at home and went out to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2006. Because of a drunk driver, they never returned home.

My response? A gasp, an unbearable weight, and a few tears. A solemn reminder that the value of a single day rarely reveals itself.

She is thankful for her three grandchildren, the oldest a United States Marine.

We come to know the true meaning of our birth when we learn to celebrate it everyday. All day.

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