Dear Son, you’re getting there, slowly

Disney pontoon boat shuttle to Disney's Port Orleans Riverside
Disney pontoon boat shuttle to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside. Saratoga Springs DVC in background.


DVC lookout tower near Disney's Old Key West Resort
DVC lookout tower near Disney’s Old Key West Resort


Cirque du Soleil
Entering Downtown Disney from behind Cirque du Soleil


On this 2015 Walt Disney Marathon weekend Sunday, as we prepare to leave home for Mass, just overheard our son (14) say, “I don’t see the point to why we have to get there 15 minutes early.”

Later today, there will be an opportunity to ask him, “Why do you think we arrive at your YuGiHo tournaments 30 minutes early?”

Self-evident sometimes takes time to nurture. Years even. Sometimes longer.

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