Your optimism kills me

Windermere 2015 5k photos
Setting up the day before race day.


Windermere 2015 5k photos
The difference one day (race day) makes.


Windermere 2015 5k photos
Just 30 seconds before race starts. Botton right, Andrew Brickweg, 15, took 3rd overall.


As the microwave timer chimed and the 55-year old added a tablespoon of honey to the cup of plain hot water, the 14-year old asked, “What are you doing?”

The old man said, “A little honey gives the hot water a little flavor.”

Then the 14-year old said to the 55-year old, “Your optimism kills me.”

The old man had always wondered about life, especially mornings, without caffeine. Because for the past 20 years or so, caffeine seemed indispensable.

He’s realized in the past 100 days that caffeine was an unnecessary, and distracting crutch.

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