No lecturing and no spotlight

Root training
Root did an exceptional job of empowering individual facilitators at every table.


classroom facilitation
Each table had it’s own facilitator. The facilitator guide was uniquely designed – have never seen anything like it.


Invited to the four-hour new employee orientation, i had the privilege to walk around freely and observe all eight tables.

The facilitator was simply that, a facilitator.

There was no lecturing.

The was no spotlight.

It was a crazy-creative approach to classroom teaching.

It was cool to witness every table facilitator do the same thing as all the others, but with their own personality – the content was spelled out to a “T” and there was no deviating from it.

The consistency of delivery was striking.

What i had expected was one or two facilitator sharing the stage all afternoon.

Never happened.


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Thinking without doing equals zero

teaching model
From a chance encounter with a teacher’s trainer.


One of my mantras is:

If i tell the audience the answer, they’ll never remember. If i help them discover it themselves, they’ll never forget.

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Remain optimistic that these are good seeds you’re planting

St Mary Falls hike
We would not have been able to see St Mary Lake while hiking if not for last year’s fire.
St Mary Falls hike
Nor would we have seen the sky.
St Mary Falls hike
Nor the water.
St Mary Falls hike
We wouldn’t have seen across St Mary Lake either.
St Mary Falls hike
But there would have been occasional openings like this one.
St Mary Falls hike
Nature and fires started by lightning are synonymous.
St Mary Falls hike
St Mary Falls.
St Mary Falls hike
Downstream flowing to St Mary Lake.

St Mary Falls was nice and with just another .6-mile we’d get to enjoy Virginia Falls. The additional .6-hike was not part of the Ranger led program. We did it anyway. How could we not. The extra two-plus hour detour was within our budget.


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Your optimism kills me

Windermere 2015 5k photos
Setting up the day before race day.


Windermere 2015 5k photos
The difference one day (race day) makes.


Windermere 2015 5k photos
Just 30 seconds before race starts. Botton right, Andrew Brickweg, 15, took 3rd overall.


As the microwave timer chimed and the 55-year old added a tablespoon of honey to the cup of plain hot water, the 14-year old asked, “What are you doing?”

The old man said, “A little honey gives the hot water a little flavor.”

Then the 14-year old said to the 55-year old, “Your optimism kills me.”

The old man had always wondered about life, especially mornings, without caffeine. Because for the past 20 years or so, caffeine seemed indispensable.

He’s realized in the past 100 days that caffeine was an unnecessary, and distracting crutch.

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What teaching teaches that studying can’t

Steve Jobs quote on simplicity
Simple = To teach is to learn twice


We study. We read. We attend seminars. Etc.

All of these with the intent of becoming a better person in our spirit.

And yet, some will discover, that teaching teaches us even more than studying.

Learning more, eventually, reveals the wisdom that it matters little to walk to do the preaching, if not the walking is the preaching.

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