Flowering trees yield something others need

Springtime up North
Lots of flowering trees here in April.
Stitch at a microphone
Carried Stitch around all day yesterday, waiting for any creative moment. Texted this to our Son with a message that the parents had a Guest speaker.

Flowering trees yield something others need.

Parents yield something children need.

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Generally animals are what scatter the seeds for the next generation of propagation.

Scatter kindness, fun, creativity, confidence, along with other good things.

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Remain optimistic that these are good seeds you’re planting

St Mary Falls hike
We would not have been able to see St Mary Lake while hiking if not for last year’s fire.
St Mary Falls hike
Nor would we have seen the sky.
St Mary Falls hike
Nor the water.
St Mary Falls hike
We wouldn’t have seen across St Mary Lake either.
St Mary Falls hike
But there would have been occasional openings like this one.
St Mary Falls hike
Nature and fires started by lightning are synonymous.
St Mary Falls hike
St Mary Falls.
St Mary Falls hike
Downstream flowing to St Mary Lake.

St Mary Falls was nice and with just another .6-mile we’d get to enjoy Virginia Falls. The additional .6-hike was not part of the Ranger led program. We did it anyway. How could we not. The extra two-plus hour detour was within our budget.


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