No lecturing and no spotlight

Root training
Root did an exceptional job of empowering individual facilitators at every table.


classroom facilitation
Each table had it’s own facilitator. The facilitator guide was uniquely designed – have never seen anything like it.


Invited to the four-hour new employee orientation, i had the privilege to walk around freely and observe all eight tables.

The facilitator was simply that, a facilitator.

There was no lecturing.

The was no spotlight.

It was a crazy-creative approach to classroom teaching.

It was cool to witness every table facilitator do the same thing as all the others, but with their own personality – the content was spelled out to a “T” and there was no deviating from it.

The consistency of delivery was striking.

What i had expected was one or two facilitator sharing the stage all afternoon.

Never happened.


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Nature is the most amazing classroom ever invented

Two adult and two juvenile Florida Sand Hill cranes in homeowner's yard
God’s creatures can help us understand the reality of real life


Nature is the most amazing classroom ever invented.

With each day that all four are present, we are reminded that this little family has survived another day as a unit.

There are many creatures who view young animals as an easy meal.

Younger creatures, including humans, are not fully aware of all the constant dangers.

Many of which remain unseen until it is too late.

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Holy Spirit

It felt good to be back in the classroom last night. You could sense, and feel, and see God’s Holy Spirit in the classroom.

This is our son’s third year in Catechism. This is my second year having the privilege to be a classroom helper. However, I missed all four September classes due to my business travel schedule.

A colleague commented at the end of the business day, “I don’t know how you do it”.

I asked her, “You know I write five blogs, everyday, then run five miles, and volunteer for things our son is involved in”?

And she already knows how hard I work as a professional speaker – she is, after all, a colleague, and a parent, and Catholic, etc.

What I have learned is that being incredibly busy is part of life. Or not. Figure out what you want to contribute and then go from there. Carpe diem.