i knew the Pastor could use something to feed on

LifeBridge Pastor Matt Heard
LifeBridge Pastor Matt Heard.


After the sermon, our son (16) and i waited our turn at the end of the line to talk to the Pastor.

Finally, it was our turn…

“We sat in the last row, as a compromise between our son not wanting to come and me wanting to be in the front row.”

Shared that a week ago, in the same row, we didn’t feel anything (bored, truth be told), but today we felt passion. With no offense or judgement to last week’s sermon (different Pastor).

i told Matt there were probably many who felt as i did but they probably take for granted that “Matt knows this” and never say a word.

“i just wanted to feed you.”

He was there to feed us. Yet there are no rules saying we can’t bring a meal ourselves to share.




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Doctor recommended or Pastor recommended?

Quote on forgiveness
From Foundation Academy High School tour a few days ago.


Father Ennis’s Sunday Homily was inspired by a Thomas Merton book, The Seven Storey Mountain. Googled it and read the Amazon book info.

There was an excerpt that captivated me.


Because if i was smart enough to come up with it, i’d share it and try to convince you to get a copy of my book.

I seek to speak to you, in some way, as your own self. Who can tell what this may mean? I myself do not know, but if you listen, things will be said that are perhaps not written in this book. And this will be due not to me but to the One who lives and speaks in both. – Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain

Book sales profits are so tiny, it’s literally not worth the effort.

But having you have a copy is worth the effort.

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Everyone has more than enough hell to deal with

Windermere Community Church


(photo: Most days the run passes this sign twice… going and coming back)

You’re joking right? Oh my gosh!

Neighbor said the Pastor was seeing another woman from the Church but that he and his wife were overcoming the infidelity.

Sadly, a drunk driver crossed over the line and hit him and his wife head on. She didn’t make it.

Ok, so the Pastor, the leader of the flock, is in a deep dark hole.

Who helps him?

And what happened in the first place?

Be kind to everyone. Everyone has a hell no one else knows about.

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He said he was a Pastor

jeff noel at Akaka Falls Sate park Hawaii
Preaching the Gospel according to Walt?


He said he was a Pastor (since 1998).

How’d you get started, I asked.

He said it started when he would walk around work telling people, “My God is awesome“.

He said so many people wanted to know more.

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Powerful, Hopeful Dreams
Powerful, Hopeful Dreams

Do you volunteer to help out where you can?

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Most people never do. They intend to, but life gets in the way.

After Mass yesterday, where I volunteered (10 years now) as a Lector, I went looking for Father Ennis. Based on a post last week, I wanted to tell him something.

Something he needs to hear.

Something he probably doesn’t hear nearly enough.

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