Father John interview

Disneyland Magic Happens performer
Looks like Joy to me. Disneyland Magic Happens parade performer – supporting Coco float.

Why Father John initiated a 30-minute video recorded interview with me is mysterious.

Did he read Mid Life Celebration?

Will ride a bicycle to Holy Family Church for today’s 10:30AM interview.

Will pray every step (pedal) of the way, like everyday.

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There’s a new sheriff in town

New Priest at Holy Family Orlando
Father Benjamin has the passion for the Christ.


New Priest at Holy Family Orlando
Father Ennis on left. Father Benjamin, dark hair.


There’s a new sheriff in town as they say. A rookie though. Only wearing his badge for two years.

Father Benjamin reminds Cheryl and i of what Father Ennis must have been like when he first started out 50 years ago.

The passion for the Christ is inspiring.

Only the inspired inspire.

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His passion is the passion of Jesus

Celebration at Rosen Shingle Creek
Father Ennis has created an awesome legacy in 22 years serving Holy Family Orlando


Preist celebrating 50 years
Father Bill Ennis celebrating 50 years of being an ordained Priest


More than 1,000 of us celebrated Father Ennis’ 50th Jubilee – 50 years as a Priest serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. His passion is extraordinary. Inspiring. What else would one expect from someone ordained to follow Jesus?

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Key Source Of Happiness

Listening to our Priest yesterday tell the story of a wise cat and a young cat…

The young cat was happy when it chased it’s tail. And only found happiness when engaged in that act.

The wise cat learned long ago that happiness isn’t something we chase, it’s something we carry. Something that follows us wherever we go.

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Powerful, Hopeful Dreams
Powerful, Hopeful Dreams

Do you volunteer to help out where you can?

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Most people never do. They intend to, but life gets in the way.

After Mass yesterday, where I volunteered (10 years now) as a Lector, I went looking for Father Ennis. Based on a post last week, I wanted to tell him something.

Something he needs to hear.

Something he probably doesn’t hear nearly enough.

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