ima be a Pastor too

Outdoor concert stage being erected in a field
Church field setting up Christmas Eve eve concert stage. Music and PA system sound checks, rehearsals and performance went from 3pm -8pm. Neighbors brown roof next to stage and concert speakers.

Many years ago someone asked, “What do you do?”

The candid reply, “i preach the Gospel according to Walt.”

Meeting an “officially titled Pastor” would intimidate some.

Fortunately, this is not an issue in jeff-land.

Not now.

Perhaps 10, 15, or 20 years ago.

But not now.

Not at all.

This will be a feedback exchange/dialogue session. Both ways.

The neighboring Church sounds like a commercial entertainment business.

A chainlink fence is the only thing separating the business noise from our backyards.

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He was joking

Disney Keynote Speaker
This keynote was only 20 minutes. It’s on You Tube and is packed with activities that kept me off the red circle.

Had to laugh and smile yesterday, Wednesday.

Asked our son to unpack what he meant when he told my wife he was proud of Tuesday’s Disney Customer Service 3-hour workshop.

He was joking.

Obviously, my feedback was, “You shouldn’t joke like that with Mom, because she didn’t know it was a joke.”

And based on the 30-minute debrief we had on the car ride home from the event, on every important client metric, had gave high marks.

He had only seen 60-minute or less keynotes, not the three-hour incredibly interactive session. For example, the audience never had time to fall asleep – too much thinking, doing, sharing, planning – all of it by design.

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i’m proud of dad

My wife told me our son said he was proud of me.

He attended a half-day Customer Service and Leadership workshop i delivered for the top 36 executives for a nationwide restaurant company.

Heard this just before bedtime, this morning finds the details still unclear.

Perhaps the day will provide an opportunity for clarity.

Interestingly enough my son, who worked the event, and i conducted an extensive debrief on the 30 minute car ride home.

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To receive or not to receive

Delta airlines constructive feedback
The customer service fails occurred on November 11. Five days later with a level head, i captured the essence. Yesterday, November 29, i sent an email. Hoping Delta receives the email’s truth with an open and respectful mind.


To receive or not to receive.

The truth hurts.

The truth can set you free.

The truth is, both can be true if you allow the potential.

(There’s also the potential do to the opposite; to not feel hurt and to not be set free.)

If you are ever gifted with a tough truth from someone, thank them.

They’ve given you powerful information.

They’ve been generous and kind.

They’ve done you a favor.

Caring truth-tellers are rare.

Welcome them with open arms.

Cherish them.


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i knew the Pastor could use something to feed on

LifeBridge Pastor Matt Heard
LifeBridge Pastor Matt Heard.


After the sermon, our son (16) and i waited our turn at the end of the line to talk to the Pastor.

Finally, it was our turn…

“We sat in the last row, as a compromise between our son not wanting to come and me wanting to be in the front row.”

Shared that a week ago, in the same row, we didn’t feel anything (bored, truth be told), but today we felt passion. With no offense or judgement to last week’s sermon (different Pastor).

i told Matt there were probably many who felt as i did but they probably take for granted that “Matt knows this” and never say a word.

“i just wanted to feed you.”

He was there to feed us. Yet there are no rules saying we can’t bring a meal ourselves to share.




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