Stay in character

Cruella deVille
She looked lonely so we said hello.
Aspire website
Email solicitation for a free 45-60-minute coaching call. Why not, right?

Stay in character and play your part.

Cruella nailed it.

All day.

We saw her multiple times yesterday and she was always playing her part.


Easier said than done.

Play your part as a role model.

Or, as in the second photo, play my upcoming part as a solicited coaching student.

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To receive or not to receive

Delta airlines constructive feedback
The customer service fails occurred on November 11. Five days later with a level head, i captured the essence. Yesterday, November 29, i sent an email. Hoping Delta receives the email’s truth with an open and respectful mind.


To receive or not to receive.

The truth hurts.

The truth can set you free.

The truth is, both can be true if you allow the potential.

(There’s also the potential do to the opposite; to not feel hurt and to not be set free.)

If you are ever gifted with a tough truth from someone, thank them.

They’ve given you powerful information.

They’ve been generous and kind.

They’ve done you a favor.

Caring truth-tellers are rare.

Welcome them with open arms.

Cherish them.


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May we all find the balance

Disney Institute Keynote Speakers
Never imagined, nor dreamed of, being a professional speaker and executive coach. Never. Ever. Photo: 2014, Texas.


May i (may we all) find the balance between pushing myself versus pushing others.

When you push yourself, you are perceived by many to be ambitious and determined. You might also be perceived as inspiring (or a workaholic).

When you push others, you are being perceived by many to be condescending and judgemental. You might also be perceived as egotistical (or a meddler).

Find the balance.

i’ve spent a lifetime (including yesterday and today) identifying my blindspots, inconsistencies, and flaws.

There was a time when it was painful. Now i thrive on it.

Not everyone is in this place. Not everyone has a desire to ever go there.

Find the balance.

Surrender to the Universe and follow your heart, striving always to stay humble and kind.

Being perfectly imperfect, i continue to work hard to be an example and not a warning.

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Just sent an email meeting request to coach

Florida Class 3A High School Basketball Champions
Five days ago, Coach Williams (top left) and the WPS State Championship team and staff.


School has been back in session since Winter break for nearly two months. Our Son has yet to attend a track & field practice. The head coach is also an assistant basketball coach.

i’ve intentionally remained out of the situation with high hopes our teen could see this situation through to resolution.

Basketball season concluded last week with a first ever State Championship.

The track team has been practicing since January.

There is no field team, perhaps because there is no field coach.

This is from a school touting excellence as their DNA.

i remain patient and hopeful something nice will come from this delay.





On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

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jeff noel Spirit Filled New Year

Well Fed?
Well Fed?

“Happy New Year” !

Have you ever worked on an important project and found yourself looking for creative ways to do things better and faster?

The Church looks for creative ways to do things better and faster. Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Are you feeding your spirit? Feeding the spirit of others?

All we can do as humans is to attempt to put others first, attempt to serve.

And constantly look for better and faster ways to do it.