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professional speakers
This client knows I drink like a fish (the day's are 7am-5pm)
wow effect
Jim engraved my water bottles (for the wow effect)
giving it your all
pouring yourself out for the audience each and every time makes you very thirsty

Happy first day day of September 2012. It’s been awhile since any new jeff noel dot org categories have been added. It was inspired by something I overheard in May, “Tell me what you don’t want to hear“:

  • Please don’t tell me

The new blog category coincides with the sentiment from this jungle jeff blog post the day our Son turned 12 (August 12, 2012).

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Must We Maintain Personal Organization?

Imagine If They Tried To Fly The Whole Way Without A V-Pattern

First, being organized doesn’t make life easy. It makes life easier. The relative degree we develop processes and systems for our life will be the relative smoothness of our lifelong path.

Imagine the birds without the drafting ability of the “V” formation. They could still migrate, but the toll of flying inefficiently, well, you get the picture.

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Must We Maintain Good Financial Balance?

A necessary evil?

Dear Son, the goal is to spend less than we earn. You will find few people in today’s world with the desire to do this. So much pressure, from every possible angle, tells us more is better. Buy now, pay later. Keep up with the Jones.

What no one teaches us is there’s a long list of unexpected expenses that will continuously confront us. Lack of preparation digs us deeper and prolongs the deficit cycle. Be very careful. Please.

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Must We Maintain Good Emotional Disposition?

New England Church 2009

Spirituality is a hard thing to measure in others. It is, however, relatively easy to conduct a self-assessment. But unless we share the results, no one but us knows. Risky.

Because the essence of Faith is believing in the unseen, our own spiritual assessment may be skewed. Next time you’re faced with a crisis, monitor your reaction. This is a good gauge of your emotional/spiritual condition.

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Must We Maintain Good Physical Condition?

Olympic Games Sign at Hayward Field, U of Oregon 2009

We don’t need to become Olympic athletes, or even remotely close. Nor do we need to become priests. But what we must do, to me, is have as much commitment to our physical condition as we devote to our spiritual condition.

Unlike mental attitude, physical condition can not be masked with a smile.

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