Mid Life Celebration from Pixar?

Disney Soul t-shirt design
Pixar’s Soul debuted December 25, 2020. An instant classic. Themed around Mid Life Celebration.

Mid Life Celebration from Pixar?


By the way, this is a t-shirt design in the same room as the Winnie the Pooh t-shirt.

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Happy birthday to a most magical, spiritual place

Authenticity, and transparency, is the new currency…


Happy birthday to a most magical, spiritual place. All the opinions, stories, beliefs, and what not shared at Mid Life Celebration, LLC are my own and are in no way professionally related to my 29 years of service at Walt Disney World.

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Insight: Social media is still an uncertain, and grey area.

Why spirituality isn’t enough for us mere mortals

The great fire, plus the 9/11 attacks directly across the street from here…

live with no regrets

Why isn’t spirituality enough for mere mortals? Why do you think? Is it because bad things happen to good people?

If we can’t stop bad things from happening, can we start to live more purposefully, so that while the weather is good, we can have the time of our lives?

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